The next generation
of control

SpecCom have developed network support services over the last 14 years as our customers became more and more dependent on service providers for their WAN connectivity.

In order to achieve maximum performance and uptime it is absolutely essential to have the right view of the network and, if required, the right information to enable quick fault and poor response resolution.

Our service offering has been very successful in delivering performance and uptime to our customer environment’s. This is achieved through a continuous improvement process and active engagement on behalf of our customers with the WAN provider.

SpecCom is a company specialising in networking & Microsoft solutions. These are some of SpecCom’s technology partners:

Introducing Vision™

SpecCom’s new Vision™ technology has been developed to address key challenge areas that IT face when delivering continuity and uptime to the business. IT environments have evolved to being application centric, so all management must include OSI layer 1 to 7 elements in order to assess efficiency and deliverables. Once enabled with the correct information, decisions around the business application and their success can be conducted through a scientific approach, resulting in efficiencies, and enabling IT to be proactive, ensuing deliverables to the business.

Troubleshooting time:

Can be reduced significantly to improve response and resolution. The ability to pin point the actual element causing the failure in seconds without having a highly skilled resource in network switching, routing, network services (DHCP, DNS, AD), servers, databases and applications will result in cost savings by decreasing the skill requirement and MTTR.

Managing multiple platforms:

Vision™ consolidates multiple monitoring systems to one source of information and one dashboard.

Managing multiple providers:

Vision™ enables identification of specific problems and avoids finger pointing and improving resolution times.

Month end reporting:

Vision™ focuses on the weak areas of the entire business process enabling corrective enhancements to improve the quality of the entire application with all its dependencies.


Vision™ built in escalation ensures end to end management of the remediation process, as well as alerts on thresholds which add a proactive element to the service.

Our products

Our key product offerings are focussed around the most important network
issues that our clients are faced with on a daily basis: Management and
Reporting, Network Performance, Firewall Security and Internet Access Control.
All 4 products offer distinct improvements to your environment, based on 5 main
areas of appraisal – Control, Productivity, Quality, Image and Cost.

M Com

P Com

S Com


M Com


  • Comprehensive tailored
    maintenance and system
    management service
  • Combines network and
    server monitoring, reporting,
    consulting, troubleshooting and
    escalation services
  • Ensures highest level of
    business continuity
  • Leverages high levels of skill

P Com


  • Driven by market demands and
    technology advancements
  • Developed using existing tools
    and Intellectual Property
  • Provides a scalable, effective
    low cost solution for SLA

S Com


  • Service encompassing various
    aspects of network security
  • Enables environments to be
    secure by design
  • Considers most valuable data
    from Firewalls
  • Augments traditional security
    and virus protection systems by
    utilising the Monitor, Modify &
    Manage methodology.



  • Control – The ability to give
    various levels of internet access
    based on predefined groups for
    authenticated users.
  • Visibility – All the internet
    traffic passed by the system is
    monitored and reported on in
    detail enabling corrective action
    to be taken.
  • Internet usage policy and
    corporate governance – with
    authentication and black lists
    the security exposure of an
    organisation is reduced.

Our hands-on approach, monthly
reporting meetings and assistance
have helped us gain the trust of a
wide variety of leading companies: